This is a tentative rundown of what will be expected of your as students in my class. I stress the word tentative because this might be modified as we go along. Don’t worry I will give you plenty of advance warning if things change.

• Create and maintain a WordPress blog

• Cover a live event and post it on your blog

• Write a feature story and publish it along with a photo on your blog

• Create a Twitter account and establish a Twitter network

• Shoot and post a video on your blog

• Use Facebook Live as part of your reporting process

• Write in-class assignments

• Read the assigned textbook material and absorb it enough to pass the occasional quiz

• Pass the final examination

• Have good attendance – You are allowed two absences, you will lose 10 points for each class you miss beyond that unless you can provide proof of medical or family emergency.

Here is my grading plan for the semester. 

Set up your blog – 10 points (all of you have already earned that by setting up your blogs)
Set up a Twitter account and tweet regularly with a combination of retweets and your owns Tweets (using your own voice). 50 points possible
Four Class blog assignments – possible 10 points each
Cover an event live and blog about it. Must include a photo, be written on a deadline and tweeted out. Possible 25 points
Use you Tweeter account to live blog from an event (could be a talk or a sporting event). Possible 25 points
Final exam/group project 50 points possible
Participation/attendance 10 bonus points

That’s a possibility of 210 points, but grading will be based on a scale of 150-200 points, meaning you have 10 extra points to play with).
Here is the grading scale:

180-200 points A- to A
160-179 points B- to B+
140-159 points C- to C+
120-139 points D- to D+
119 and below E

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