The Fine Print

Policy statements from EMU


Students are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code and assist in creating an environment that is conducive to learning and protects the rights of all members of the University community.

Incivility and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a request to leave class and referral to the Office of Student Judicial Services (SJS) for discipline. Examples of inappropriate classroom conduct include repeatedly arriving late to class, using a cellular telephone, or talking while others are speaking.  You may access the Code online at          


Academic dishonesty, including all forms of cheating and/or plagiarism, will not be tolerated in this class.  Penalties for an act of academic dishonesty may range from receiving a failing grade for a particular assignment to receiving a failing grade for the entire course.  In addition, you may be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Services for discipline that can result in either a suspension or permanent dismissal.  The Student Conduct Code contains detailed definitions of what constitutes academic dishonesty, but if you are not sure about whether something you’re doing would be considered academic dishonesty, consult with the instructor.


If you wish to be accommodated for your disability EMU Board of Regents policy #8.3 requires that you first register with the Access Services Office (ASO) in room 203 King Hall.  You may contact ASO by telephone at (734) 487-2470.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with ASO promptly as you will only be accommodated from the date you register with them forward. No retroactive accommodations are possible.


The Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) requires F and J students to report the following to the Office of International Students,229 King Hall within ten (10) days of the event:

•Changes in your name, local address, major field of study, or source of funding.

•Changes in your degree-completion date

•Changes in your degree-level (ex. Bachelors to Masters)

•Intent to transfer to another school

Prior permission from OIS is needed for the following:

•Dropping ALL courses as well as carrying or dropping BELOW minimum credit hours

•Employment on or off-campus

•Registering for more than one ONLINE course per term (F-visa only)

•Endorsing I-20 or DS-2019 for re-entry into the USA

Failure to report may result in the termination of your SEVIS record and even arrest and deportation. If you have questions or concerns, contact the OIS at 487-3116, not your instructor.


Current University policy recognizes the rights of students to observe religious holidays without penalty to the student.  Students will provide advance notice to the instructor in order to make up work, including examinations, they miss as a result of their absence from class due to observance of religious holidays.  If satisfactory arrangements cannot be made with the instructor, the student may appeal to the school director or head(s) of department(s) in which the course(s) is / are offered.”


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