The Class

Journalism 310 – Digital Journalism

Instructor: Steve Pepple

Meets: Tuesdays  6:30-9:10 p.m.

Location: Classroom 314, Pray-Harrold

Office hours: I will be available to meet with students on Tuesdays  from 5;30-6:25 p.m. in 307 King Hall. and by appointment. My phone number is 734-255-5762.

How to contact me: You may email me at, or at  I am also available by phone or text at 734-255-5762 (mobile).


•  Writing for the Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures, and Sound, by Lynda Felder. Available at Peachpit Press as either print book or ebook.

• The Associated Press Stylebook  (any recent edition is fine).


 Online Journalism, Principles and Practices of News for the Web, by James C. Foust, 3rd Edition  Optional reading

•  WordPress: Visual Quickstart Guide, 2nd Edition, by Jessica Neuman Beck and Matt Beck. Available at, Peachpit Press (, Barnes & Noble.


If  you want to be a better writer, I highly urge you to read this short but outstanding book.

• THE WORD: An Associated Press Guide To Good News Writing. Available used at

Here is my grading plan for the semester. 

Set up your blog – 10 points
Set up a Twitter account and tweet regularly with a combination of retweets and your own Tweets (using your own voice) 50 points possible
Four class blog assignments – possible 10 points each
Cover an event live and blog about it. Must include a photo, be written on a deadline and tweeted out. Possible 25 points
Use you Tweeter account to live blog from an event (could be a talk or a sporting event). Possible 25 points
Final exam/Group Project  50 points possible
Participation: 10

That’s a possibility of 210 points, but grading will be based on a scale of 150-200 points, meaning you have 10 extra points to play with).
Here is the grading scale:

180-200 points A- to A
160-179 points B- to B+
140-159 points C- to C+
120-139 points D- to D+
119 and below E

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