The wonders of the iPhone – a reporter’s best friend

A police officer and an FAA inspector examine the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in a backyard in Pittsfield Township, critically injuring two people. Photo by Steve Pepple

Still a work in progress, but I am getting better at taking news photos with my iPhone, editing them and then uploading them from the scene. Above is a shot from a plane crash I went to on Friday in Pittsfield Township (two people were critically injured in the crash).

I am finding when I go out to a scene, i will take a few shots with my DSLR and then pull out my iPhone so I can grab something that I can immediately email back to the office for posting online. I then revert back to my DSLR, but I may also alternate between the two devices.

As I have told my students in this class, the iPhone (or just about any smart phone) has become a reporter’s new best friend. You can take photos and videos at the scene of a news story and upload them immediately, use it a tape recorder to take notes, find  your way to the scene using GPS, do quick research on the web (including looking to see what your competitors might have), Tweet about the incident,  and even type a story on it and file it. Oh yeah, you can also use it as a phone.

About Steve Pepple

Steve Pepple is a working journalist, web designer and photographer based in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area. He works as a assistant metro editor and writing coach at the Detroit Free Press. He previously worked as the print director at the ground-breaking digital media company, overseeing the productions of the twice-weekly newspaper. Prior to that he was the metro editor at the Ann Arbor News and previously served as the managing editor of The Herald-Palladium in Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Mich. Steve also operates a web design business at and has a wedding and portrait photography business at
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